Krowne is Open for Business: COVID-19 Update

Underbar Equipment

Krowne Royal Series Underbar is our fully customizable, premium underbar line manufactured in the USA. Royal series equipment is built for a diverse range of applications from stadiums and casinos to sports bars and craft cocktail bars.

Key Features

Free 24-hour Layout & Design

Send your request to and our team of design professionals will create a fully tailored quote and layout in 24 hours

High Quality Welded Stainless Steel Design

Built for high volume applications such as high-end bars and restaurants, stadiums, casinos, and hotels around the world.

Fully Customizable

Diverse product assortment with fully customizable angles, fillers & overall shape

Made in the USA

3 generations of family-owned manufacturing in the US.A.

Sound-deadened speed rails

Black, sound-deadening plastic is used to reduce the noise level behind the bar.

Diverse Product Offerings

A full assortment of pre-made and customizable parts and complete systems. No matter the setup Krowne has you covered.



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