Mark Downs / Overstock / Closeout Items

Items Last Updated: 3/06/2023

If you are in the market for underbar, refrigeration, and/or plumbing products and are looking for a discount, our Mark Down, Overstock, and Closeout products signify a great value. Krowne’s Mark Down items represent either older inventory or inventory with slight imperfections, but still in 100% working order. Krowne’s Overstock items represent items in which we have an abundance of stock and are looking to sell at a lower than normal price. Krowne’s Closeout items are discontinued items with leftover inventory in stock. Rather than discarding these less than perfect products we are offering them at discounted prices. Mark Down and Overstock items are Final Sale and Non-Returnable.

Please contact 1-800-631-0442 or email for availability and pricing while supplies last.

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