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2100 Series 36"W Deep Style Ice Bin with 7-Circuit Cold Plate

REF# 7742

List Price: $5,133.00


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  • 36"W stainless steel ice bin
  • 19-1/2" depth front to back
  • 15" deep ice bin
  • 30" working height
  • 1/2" drain
  • 1-5/8” tubular 16 gauge galvanized steel with grey plastic bullet foot
  • 138 lb. ice capacity, bottle wells not included
  • Cast aluminum post mix plate with 7 circuits. Plate is sealed into bottom. Each circuit is 5/16” OD stainless steel tubing. Two full with remainder to be half circuits. Bump and swedge fittings on ends.

Limited availability while supplies last. 

Quantity available: 1 

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