• 3/4" 48" long Gas Hose
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Gas Valve
  • Restraining Cable w/ Mounting Hardware
  • (2) 90 degree elbows
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    M7548K - 3/4" x 48" Gas Connector Complete Kit

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    The Krowne Metal Gas Connector is a stainless steel hose designed to be used with stationary and caster-mounted commercial kitchen equipment. It’s design is convenient for equipment that is routinely moved for cleaning as features such as the rotational end pieces and the included restraining cable provide both ease and durability when moving large gas-supplied equipment. The green antimicrobial PVC-coated protective layer allows for easy cleaning while the stainless steel corrugated tubing provides both flexibility and a strong internal structure that will last with enduring strength.
    • Ends rotate for simple installation and durability
    • Heavy duty stainless steel corrugated tubing flexibility for easy installation
    • Heavy duty stainless steel radial wrap prevents hose from stretching
    • PVC Protective coating with anti-microbial agent for easy cleaning
    • Welded construction for added durability
    • Restraining Kit provided 12" shorter than the gas connector to help prevent strain and over extension
    Includes: 3/4" x 48" long Gas Hose, Quick Disconnect, Gas Valve, Restraining Cable w/ Mounting Hardware, (2) 90 degree elbows

    Attention California Consumers: CA Prop #65 Warning

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