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Electronic Sensor Faucets Help Reopen America

June 02, 2020 | Plumbing Series

The Electronic Sensor Faucet is not a new product, but as COVID-19 has placed a spotlight on hygiene and hand-washing practices, this product, long used in commercial bathrooms to conserve water and maintain cleanliness, is helping America reopen. Right now we are seeing a major shift to touch-free faucets in various applications including schools, hospitals, bars, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, etc.

With social distancing measures in place, and an extra emphasis on sanitation and cleanliness in play, now, more than ever, it makes sense to switch to totally touchless electronic faucets.

Advanced Electronic Faucet FAQs

Can you tell us about the surge in popularity that you’re seeing?
COVID-19 has affected all major US markets, and nearly everyone in the market is working out options to go touch-free. Our diverse product offering, and high stock levels allowed us to supply electronic sensor faucets for a number of essential and non-essential projects across the US.

Can you retrofit an existing manual faucet with an electronic sensor faucet?
Yes, we have options for both single hole and 4-inch center deck and wall mount options available for retrofit.

We also offer complete hand sink packages with electronic faucets which include a stainless-steel sink, electronic sensor faucet, drain, and wall bracket.  They are available in 3 different sizes with various faucet options.

How are electronic faucets powered?
Electronic faucets are available with two power options. With the standard battery-powered option, the lifespan of the batteries is 500,000 on-off cycles. How quickly you’ll actually go through those cycles, of course, depends on how much traffic and use the faucet sees.

With the optional A/C adapter the control module will plug into a standard wall outlet providing unlimited uses.

What components are included in an electronic faucet kit?
Electronic faucets come with a battery-powered control module operated by four AA batteries. The kit also includes a mechanical mixing valve, the faucet itself, and three water supply lines.


What is the warranty on Krowne electronic faucets?

All Krowne electronic faucets come with a three year warranty. We have a troubleshooting guide that our customer service team is very knowledgeable about regarding issues that may arise during installation or maintenance.

Electronic Sensor Faucet Recap

Electronic Sensor Faucets are:

  • Easy to use, clean, service & install
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Emerging as a must-have for restaurants, bars, commercial businesses, office buildings, and schools.

Our new 4” Center Wall Mount 16-670 Electronic Faucet has a sleek satin finish, a double bend spout, and adjustable settings. It’s infrared sensor operated, and has an easy-adjust shut-off delay, auto flush, auto time-out and range sensitivity.

You can view our entire offering of electronic touchless faucets here.

Posted by Krowne on June 02, 2020 2:53:03 PM

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