Bar Refrigeration

Back bar refrigeration is used in restaurants, hotels, casinos and bars across the globe for storage and easy access of bot-tles, canned beverages and other products. These units are built with a low-profile design (typically ranging from 34” to 36” high) to enable them to be slid beneath counters easily in a bar environment. Shelves can be easily adjusted in the field to fit anything from tall wine bottles to small cans for beer and soda. Krowne back bar units are also approved for open food storage.

Key Features

DynamicChill 360º Technology

We redesigned our refrigeration units and moved the fan housing to the side of the unit to allow for an additional full level of beer bottle storage

Full Stainless Steel Interior with Coved Corners

Built to withstand the acidic properties of beer and prevent oxidation seen on galvanized interior units

Self Closing Doors

Our self-closing doors close when they are open less than 90º but stay open when they are open more than 90º for loading your materials

Down Acting LED Lights

Integrated LED lights (white or blue) for a beautiful and clean aesthetic

Full Length Stainless Steel Handles with Built-in Locks

Lock your equipment up at night so there is no need to worry about product disappearing

Field-Reversible Doors

Easily change hinging on doors in the field if needed without any additional parts




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