What is a modular bar die?

Built-in chaseways for soda, beer, electrical and plumbing lines. Elimination of legs create a sealed-to-floor finish

Krowne Modular Bar Die is designed to significantly reduce installation time while improving overall aesthetics and cleanability with a built-in chase-ways for soda, beer, electrical & plumbing lines. The most time-consuming portion of an underbar installation consists of the field layout/assembly of the bar sections and the construction of the bar frame in which the sections are attached. Our modular bar units ship pre-assembled in sections up to 8 ft. to drastically cut down time and labor while ensuring a sleek finish. Replacing legs with stainless steel panels that mount flush to the floor prevent debris from building up under the equipment.

Krowne Royal Series Underbar gives customers two options on how they want their bar equipment configured: traditional legs or modular bar die.

Modular bar die is especially recommended in a new construction scenario or a total renovation of an existing space. If you’re starting without any walls in your space, we’ll provide the wall, a chassis, and all of the equipment.  All holes and chase ways are provided for ease of installation for all utility hookups.

Key Features

  • Built-in chaseways for plumbing, electric, soda, and beer lines
  • Die wall sealed-to-floor design prevents seepage
  • Bartender-side panels removable for drain access
  • Fully customizable angles, fillers and overall shape
  • Completely assembled and mounted to bar die in the factory to ensure layout accuracy
  • Shipped in sections up to 8 ft.
  • 16 gauge galvanized steel will not corrode (stainless steel upgrade available)
  • Millwork panels and bar top can be prefabricated to save time during installation

Installation Photos

Spec Sheets

File Name File Type
Modular Bar Die Detail Specification PDF Download
Modular Die Bar Sell Sheet PDF Download
Modular Bar Die Install Manual PDF Download
Modular bar die advantages

A modular bar die can save you a large amount of time and money during installation. We offer Mylar templates that you can roll out while your equipment is in production, allowing you to begin working on your floor drains to help save time. We highly recommend modular bar die for new construction or a total renovation of an existing place.

If you are going to start without any walls to build around, we will provide you with the wall, the framework, and all of the necessary equipment - all of our holes and chase-ways are provided for ease of installation during all of your utility hookups. From the bartender’s perspective, you have seamless fit and finish - no more bumping your knees on corners. The stainless steel goes right to the floor and can be sealed with silicon which creates a seamless look, prevents water from going into the bar die, hides your drain and plumbing lines, and eliminates the need for legs.

We highly recommend removable panels for easy maintenance. Imagine you had a wire issue in your house — how great would it be if you could just remove a piece of the wall, fix the problem, and pop the wall right back into place? That is what we have done with the modular bar die. Our team will work with you to figure out what mounting style for the panels works best for you. We offer Z-Clips that you can purchase, as well as a modular bar die installation guide to help you through the process.

This is one of our biggest growth categories and the future of bar equipment for a total renovation or a new project, due to the ease of installation, overall seamless look, and custom angles and design. Bartenders love it because it looks cleaner, it’s more efficient, it’s easier to maintain, and it has a great aesthetic!

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Why choose Krowne?

We are the provider of choice for a wide range of high-end bars, restaurants, stadiums, casinos, and hotels all around the world. Krowne continues to spearhead innovation to improve design, workflow, space management and, above all, efficiency for the new “chefs” of the 21st century. Our underbar product lines are built for high volume applications, are fully customizable, and offer a diverse range of both custom and standard products. Krowne also offers a proprietary 3D design software called BarFlex3D to simplify the design process by allowing clients to virtually design, visualize and refine their workstation in real time, eliminating the need for multiple phone conversations through the process.

Made in the USA
What is more American than having a beer while watching the game at a bar? At Krowne, we manufacture our products in Wayne, New Jersey. For our customers, domestic manufacturing means quality assurance, quick response and fulfillment times, flexibility, and reduced shipping costs. For Krowne, it means an extended family.
Over 70 years in business
With over 70 years of design, innovation, and expertise, our experienced team is ready to work closely with you throughout the entire process from design to installation. We have been fortunate enough to work on projects ranging from stadiums to mom and pop shops - no project is too big or too small because at Krowne, we care about quality.
Family-Owned Company
In its third generation of ownership, Krowne has spent an immense amount of time and resources creating new innovative solutions that improve design experience for the end user. Rather than economizing every component in the unit to be the cheapest, Krowne has taken the approach of systematically improving the quality
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