Underbar Equipment: Sinks, Ice Bins, Liquor Displays, Cabinets & More

“Underbar equipment” refers to a variety of products used in the food service industry (sinks, displays, cabinets, mixology stations, etc.) designed to be placed under a bar.

Underbar products include but are not limited to:

  • Bar sinks
  • Blender stations
  • Beer bins
  • Craft cocktail stations
  • Drainboards
  • Glass washing systems
  • Ice bins
  • Insulated storage units
  • Liquor displays
  • Mixology stations
  • Pass thru units
  • Speed rails
  • Trash stations

Much like the engine under the hood of a car, an underbar setup can make or break a whole business. Next time you go to a bar, watch the flow of the bartenders. Look at every little design decision that was made, and the impacts that they had. An ice bin placed in the wrong location can add two to three additional steps for every drink. A trash station on the other end of the bar might do the same. And these little design decisions that seem miniscule at the time end up impacting profitability for the next ten to fifteen years. Thoughtfully designed, high quality underbar equipment allows you to operate more efficiently, serve more customers per hour, maintain total cleanliness, and offer premium beverage options.

Krowne Underbar is trusted in...

Hard Rock Cafe
Yankee Stadium
PHX Arena
Gillette Stadium
Whole Foods
Buffalo Wild Wings
Walk Ons
Little Caesars Arena
Resort Worlds Casino
Dave and Busters


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