Why Choose Krowne Plumbing?

Krowne offers a vast assortment of faucets, pre-rinses, drains, and accessories meticulously designed for exceptional durability in the most demanding commercial environments. Our products exceed customer expectations in multiple markets including grocery, retail, bars, restaurants, healthcare, education, and hospitality. In-house engineering allows us to continuously improve upon the design and functionality of every product we offer with feedback from installers and end-users.

Krowne Royal Series plumbing products are meticulously designed for exceptional durability in the most demanding commercial environments. They exceed customer expectations in multiple markets including grocery, retail, bars, restaurants, healthcare, education and hospitality. In addition, every Royal Series faucet includes the components needed for a quick and efficient install every single time.

Krowne Silver Series plumbing products are built for standard duty applications. Many design hours have gone into perfecting the balance of quality and value found across the entire Silver Series line. Whether ordering a commercial kitchen faucet or service sink faucet, customers can rest assured they are receiving the Krowne quality they have come to except.


Royal Series

Silver Series

Valves High performance 1/4 turn ceramic cartridge valves w/ integral check 1/4 Turn ceramic valves
Mounting Hardware Included with faucet Sold Separately
Warranty 3 Years 1 Year
Construction Solid Chrome Plated Brass Chrome Plated Finish
Configurations 2,500+ 100+
Availability Available at most major distributors Call ahead to confirm distributor has in-stock

Featured Products

Ceramic vs. Traditional Compression Valves

In any application leaks and down time can be detrimental to businesses of all kinds.  Faucet leaks may result in costly repair work, interrupt business productivity and cause potential health code violations.  For these reasons, Krowne offers ¼ turn ceramic valves on all Royal and Silver Series faucets.  The philosophy behind the ceramic valve is that it is constructed to last substantially longer than traditional compression style valves found in many commercial faucets.  Ceramic valves were introduced as an upgrade to the compression valve to avoid common leaks caused by worn out rubber washers and damaged faucet seats. While most residential faucets have already adopted the use of ceramic valves, Krowne is at the forefront of the transition to ceramic valves in commercial faucet offerings.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Faucet

  • 1
    In what environments are Krowne plumbing Products used?

    We offer products for Food Prep/Cooking, Dishwashing, Hand Washing, and facilities maintenance. Each of which are designed specifically for the unique application at hand.

  • 2
    Will your faucet be mounted through the deck or through a wall/backsplash?

    Krowne offers an array of product that allows for both deck and wall mount installations. Faucets are available in 4” and 8” centers as well as single hole options.

  • 3
    What are your rough-in dimensions?

    Typically, 4” and 8” are common in most applications but others do exist including single hole. Replacement with a faucet of the same rough-in dimensions is most common but we also offer deck plates and adjustable flanges for additional flexibility. Tip: Rough-In dimensions are a measurement from center line to center line of the water supply inlets.

  • 4
    Are there any features that would allow the user to operate the faucet more efficiently?

    In a medical application, wrist blade handles may be of benefit to eliminate unnecessary touch points. In a commercial kitchen, a faucet being used for filling pots would require a higher flow outlet or a longer spout in comparison to a hand wash faucet.

  • 5
    Would a hands-free option be a better fit for the application?

    Consider Electronic sensor faucets, knee or foot valve operated units for a completely touch-free solution.

Water Conservation

Krowne has maintained a strong commitment to water conservation and our experienced team of engineers continue to find ways to improve our balance of performance and efficiency.  We engineer our products to meet or exceed most water use codes in the U.S.A. and throughout the world.  Consistent evaluation of efficiency standards allows us to make the necessary product modifications to help our customers save water, energy, and operating costs.  We strongly believe in doing our part to protect the natural resources and environment that our society depends on by creating sustainable solutions with each of our plumbing products.

Lavatory Faucets

Krowne has an extensive selection of commercial lavatory faucets for multiple environments including restrooms, schools, hotels, medical offices, bars, restaurants and more; any of which comply with current ADA standards. Our water saving aerators and adjustable metering faucets are useful in high volume applications to limit the use of water.

  • ¼ Turn Ceramic Cartridge Valves
  • Lever Handle and Wrist Blade handle options
  • ADA Compliant
  • Solid Chrome Plated Brass
  • 3 Year Warranty

Electronic Sensor Faucets

Electronic sensor faucets are a great option to replace manual faucets in various market segments, including Grocery/Retail, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Restaurants, and Convenience Stores. Hands-free use of sensor faucets can greatly reduce the spread of illness and infection as compared to hand washing with traditional manual operated units, as well as reduce the risk of cross contamination in food service environments. A controllable auto-flush feature allows tempered water to automatically flow after 12 hours of inactivity, allowing for the most sanitary conditions within the water supply lines. Conserving water is a major focus for Krowne, and sensor faucets are great for doing just that. In addition to using low flow aerators and outlets, we are also utilizing auto timeout and shut off delay features to further limit point of use water consumption and waste. Ultimately, this will save the business owner money as water demand rises and the price of water increases.

Krowne sensor faucets are a great option for new construction and retrofit work. Standard units are battery operated, and an optional plug-in ac adapter can be utilized when necessary. Most importantly, our line of sensor faucets is easy to install, adjust, and maintain; perfect for every application in design and function.

  • Infrared Sensor Operated
  • Battery Powered Control Module, AC Adapter optional
  • Built-in low battery indicator light
  • Easy adjust shut-off delay, auto flush, auto time-out and range sensitivity selections
  • Includes Control Module, Mechanical Mixing Valve with built in check valves, and three water supply hoses
  • 3 year warranty

Manual Faucets

Krowne manual faucets are designed for exceptional durability in the most demanding commercial environments. We offer an array of options designed to best fit your commercial application. With our new innovative faucet configurator FaucetFlex, users are now able to customize a Krowne commercial faucet from over 2,000 options by selecting from a variety of body, spout and outlet options.

  • ¼ Turn Ceramic Cartridge Valves
  • Lever Handle and Wrist Blade handle options
  • ADA Compliant
  • Solid Chrome Plated Brass
  • 3 Year Warranty


Pre-Rinses come factory assembled to substantially reduce installation time. Our high-performance knife style spray valve cleans dishes more efficiently than the traditional shower style pattern sold by most brands. All Pre-rinse models come equipped with a wall bracket and mounting kit necessary for every installation.

  • ¼ Turn Ceramic Cartridge Valves w/ Integral Check Valve
  • Knife Style Spray Valve
  • Pre-assembled to cut installation time
  • Wall Bracket Included
  • Mounting Kit Included
  • Solid Chrome Plated Brass
  • 3 year warranty


Krowne is excited to release our innovative configuration tool FaucetFlex. Users will have access to over 2000+ unique faucet configurations which enhances our ability to provide water saving faucet options for various applications. Users will be able configure a faucet to meet the unique specification of their project in 3 easy steps. The process will start with selecting the appropriate base and handle type. Then, choosing options for a spout and outlet will complete the configuration. An image and model number will be displayed along with list price and a pdf specification sheet that can be viewed or saved. User friendly options for requesting additional information or starting a new configuration are clearly noted once a configuration has been completed. Let FaucetFlex ™ create the commercial faucet needed for your job today!

Why choose Krowne?

Krowne is the nation’s most trusted provider of plumbing products for commercial applications. With over 70 years of experience, we have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into our products; every detail is carefully considered. We are a one-stop-shop where customers can find a variety of products allowing them to consolidate purchases and, ultimately, save the hassle of dealing with multiple manufacturers. We consistently have inventory in stock and ready to ship, allowing for quick lead times and, often, same day shipping! With our recent expansion, we have a new warehouse management system for streamlined order pickup processes, as well as new machinery, such as laser guided forklifts. This system allows for greater efficiency, as well as the ability to delivery producers faster than most competitors.

Over 70 years in business

With over 70 years of design, manufacturing and innovation, our experienced team is ready to work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure a high-quality end result. We have been fortunate enough to work on projects ranging from large stadiums and casinos to mom and pop restaurants and bars - no project is too big or too small!


As a third generation family-owned company, we have spent an immense amount of time and resources creating new innovative solutions that improve the design experience for our clients. Through significant capital improvements, continued investments in cutting-edge robotic machinery and rapid growth of our team, we will continue to lead the charge in our industry in bringing new products to market.

The Krowne Way

Our team takes pride in what we do and we always go the extra mile to make your experience as easy and seamless as possible. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with any questions or requests you may have. We also have a live chat option on our website so you can talk with one of our representatives online as you navigate our website.

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