Gas Connectors

A Gas Connector is stainless steel hose designed to be used with stationary and caster-mounted commercial kitchen equipment. Its design makes it extremely easy to disconnect for routine cleaning. Gas connectors are used on ovens, fryers, ranges, grills and other kitchen equipment.

Key Features

One-Handed Quick Disconnect

With a 10-point 360º Locking System Quickly and easily allows you to disconnect hose to move equipment for cleaning and maintenance

Full Port Gas Valve

Ball valve is required by code to allow for manual shutoff within 5 ft. of appliance

90º Elbows

Elbows allow for versatility in tight conditions during installation

Restraining Kit

Comes pre-cut 12” shorter than overall length of hose to prevent those from being pulled too far. Easily disconnects for cleaning and maintenance

Caster Positioning Chock

Creates a home position for moveable kitchen equipment. Stainless steel construction eliminates cracking comonly seen with plastic caster positioning sets


Durable stainless steel construction with dual 360º rotation significantly reduces stress and extends life of hose


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