"Krowne and I have created a groundbreaking station that will disrupt bar design as we know it."

Jon Taffer

Checkout The Taffer Command Station below

The idea was first conceptualized as a solution to the immense output requirements of each Taffer’s Tavern location. Through intensive research, design and testing, Jon and the Krowne team crafted a station that achieves perfection in flow, functionality, and profitability. By utilizing the latest technology blended with augmented reality and Krowne’s groundbreaking bar configurator, BarFlex3D, the team was able to stress-test hundreds of setups before producing the final design.

This station redefines the status quo of bar design through forward-thinking Bluetooth compatibility to automate soda gun cleaning, coveted freezer storage for large craft ice, and a hybrid space saving dual sink for touchless hand washing and glass dumping. The station also has an integrated cutting board for preparation of fresh garnishes, a speed rinser for mixing tins and glasses, and a dipperwell for specialty tools along with ample garnish, elixir, and liquor bottle storage. For the cherry on top, add Krowne’s flush-mounted liquid CO2 glass froster for instant frosting, sanitizing and flair to add the x-factor to any cocktail program.


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