What is a UPC barcode?

Do you provide UPC codes on your merchandise?

Can your casters fit on other manufacturers’ units (ovens, ranges, fryers)?

I have my serial number. How do I know when the equipment was built?

The stainless steel appears to have rust on it. How do I clean it?



What is the difference between backflow preventers, check valves, and vacuum breakers?

How do I know what series faucet I have?

What products are covered under warranty and for how long?

What is the flow rate of a faucet?



Is the condensing unit covered under the 5 year warranty?

Why must you know the coolant type for your Remote Back Bar Coolers?

What is the warranty on the back bar and slide top bottle coolers?

What is “unfinished” in the description?

Is there a warranty on refrigeration parts?



What is the thickness of your bar die wall?

Why must we specify the “series” number for your condiment tray?

Which units come pre-drilled to accommodate a speed rail?

Do you have the hanging speedrails?

What gauge stainless steel are your products made of?

What is the diameter of the legs?

How do I order a cover for a specific ice bin?



Can underbar that is normally not crated be crated at the request of the customer?

How many hand sinks are shipped in a carton?

What freight class do you ship at?

What are your transit times?

Where do your products ship from?

Do you ship internationally?

What is the maximum weight that can ship via UPS Ground?

What is your return policy?

How soon do you ship after receiving an order?


Ice Bins

What type of screws should the customer use to attach speedrails in the field?

What is the difference between a partial and full ice bin cover?

How do I convert the drain to fit a standard 1-1/2” PVC connection?

I need more plastic bottle wells for my ice bin. How do I order them?

My ice bin is leaking. What do I do?

What if the drain on my cold plate is stripped?

Low Lead Compliance

What is the new lead reduction legislation?

What States does it affect?

What is the main cause of lead in drinking water?

Will Krowne products meet the new lead regulations?

When will the new low lead product line be available?

Where can I find more information on the lead reduction legislation?

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