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Raising The Bar with SCOPOS

August 30, 2021 | Krowne Consultant Series

SCOPOS Hospitality Group is the premier hospitality consulting firm that specializes in designing, programming, branding, and operational support services in the food service industry. They are constantly bringing new concepts to life as they surpass what is thought to be possible for bar design. We were able to speak with Andrey Teleguz, Principal, Matt Schuler, Dir. of Culinary Development and Vanessa Teleguz, Marketing/Media Cor. to get some insight on their own process and partnership with Krowne.

Givens Estates, Asheville, NC

Question: When and where do you get your best ideas?

“I get my best ideas while I’m on a flight flipping through magazines with no distractions.” Andrey says, “It forces my brain to take a break and focus on one thing rather than the usual hundred.”


Question: What things do you consider as “need to know” when designing a bar?

“Three things instantly come to mind: Who is the customer? How many customers are we serving? What are we serving?” Matt explains, “Once we get those stats, we can start framing the culinary narrative and then design the space based on their specific needs.”


Question: How would you describe your research process before you start designing?

“Data collecting. Customer research.” Andrey says, “So, numbers, numbers & more numbers!”

Question: When designing a bar, what part of the process are you the most excited about? Why?

“Once the design has been worked through, and finishes are selected, we can finally render the space.” Vanessa shares, “Making the project come to life through 3D rendering is the final hoorah, and the part we look forward to when designing any project. Being able to show the client visualizations of how their space will look and function early in the design process has proven to increase efficiency and satisfaction.”

Lancaster Country Club, Lancaster PA

Question: What emerging trends have you seen this year that you have been excited about?

“Automation has been the biggest emerging trend.” Andrey explains, “Robotics has really taken off – we are seeing delivery robots being adapted as runners and bussing stations. Bearrobotics is a manufacturer we are currently utilizing to introduce robotics to our designs.”



Question: When you’re out at bars do you notice pros and cons from the layout of that bar? Do you use those pros and cons with your own process?

“100%. We are always looking to see how the flow of bars functions.” Matt says “We ask ourselves: what is visible, what does not work, how could we improve, etc.”

Phoebe Berks Village, Wernersville, PA

Question: If you were a bartender what would your signature cocktail be called? 

I think our signature cocktail would be called ‘Creator’s Sour’, because we strive to create what our clients dream.” Vanessa shares, “It has always been our motto to ‘disrupt or be disrupted,’ so if our clients dream big, we will find a way to execute that dream, and make it function beautifully.


Question: What is your favorite project you have been involved with using Krowne equipment and why?

“It has been great for us to switch to Krowne and have the support you guys provide.” Andrey explains, “Having the full turnkey bar solutions, from bar expert feedback to technical documentation, and then 3D visualizations ensure we cover all bases and provide the best bar design for our clients.”


To learn more about Scopos, visit their website at

Lancaster Country Club, Lancaster PA

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