Electronic Sensor Faucets

Electronic Sensor Faucets are built to significantly reduce the spread of bacteria utilizing “hands-free” technology allowing the user to activate the faucet without coming into contact with anything. With automated water activation capabilities by infrared sensor, Electronic Sensor Faucets allow for optimal sanitation while also conserving the amount of water used.

Key Features

Infrared Sensor Technology

Hands-Free sensor activation helps reduce the spread of illness and infection, and prevents cross contamination in foodservice environments.

Water Conserving

Selecting the correct outlet style and flow rate for your application has never been simpler.  Aerators, Laminar Flow and Multi-Laminar Spray Outlets are available in flow rates from 0.35 – 2.2 GPM.

Versatile Designs

Deck and wall mount options are available with various spout types and sizes.  Conveniently located flow control settings for shut-off delay, auto flush, and auto time-out allow for easy field adjustment.

Safe Operation

ASSE 1070 mixing valves are available options for all sensor faucet models.  Providing peace of mind and reliable scald protection.

Dependable Construction

Solid Brass construction perfect for every application in design and function.  Royal Series - 3 Year Warranty

Power to Choose

Standard models include a battery powered control module with (4) AA batteries.  Plug-in AC Adapters, AC-Adapters with Cable Splitters for up to 8 Faucets, and Hydro Generators are also available.


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