Universal Casters

Krowne Universal Casters fit a wide variety of restaurant equipment from ranges and Wolf ovens to work-tables and fryers. With brakes on all four casters, your equipment is guaranteed to stay put or easily roll out for cleaning when needed. From plate casters to threaded stem casters, you are sure to find the type you need for your application.

All of our casters also come with locking brakes.

So don’t go with inferior casters that limit your access to your equipment. Go with Krowne for a simple and effective experience.

Not sure what type of casters you need? Try our crossover search tool. Simply input the SKU of your oven, fryer, or other appliance and we’ll give you all the relevant info.

How do casters impact bar and restaurant operations?

When you have locking wheels on all of your equipment, the back of house can easily pull their equipment out at the end of the night to clean. Your staff will be more efficient and cleanup will be a breeze.

Krowne Caster wheels are made of polypropene. This prevents cracking and makes them extremely grease-resistant, allowing for long-term use in the kitchen.

Pro Tip

For best results, pair your universal casters with Krowne’s positioning chocks and gas hoses. This way, your equipment can be rolled back into the same location and reconnected into the wall quickly and easily.

  • Makes sure equipment is in correct place
  • Meets NFPA Codes 17A (5.64) & 96 (12.1.3) related to fire suppression systems
  • Fits all caster sizes
  • Includes mounting hardware
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